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This blog started a few years ago or at least the seed for the idea of it did.  You see when Kristin and I published our first book someone invited us to an author signing.  As in, we were supposed to sign the books.  “What will we write!?” we thought to ourselves.  Authors always seem to have some thoughtful and meaningful phrase that they put in our books, a small tidbit for us to take away and savor.  I mean what are you supposed to write?  “Thanks for buying my book, I hope you don’t hate it.”

I don’t know precisely where the phrase came from.  Maybe it was on a Google Hangout or on a road trip across Wisconsin.  In all likelihood it was on the leather sofa in the back of “our” coffee house fueled by bacon smoke and too much coffee.  But these words constantly resurfaced in discussions, writing, and our work.

Innovate: Do innovative stuff in the classroom!  With technology or without.  To innovate means to do something in a new way.  Innovation drives creativity and passion and lights the spark of dedication in our students.

Ignite: Speaking of that spark let’s ignite some excitement and innovation around us.  Connect with others and let them ignite new ideas and drive within you then turn around and ignite the fire of ideas in others.

Inspire: Inspire those around you to try new things, learn, hone their craft.  Inspire your students to wonder, read, problem solve, reflect.  Be inspired by people, places, ideas, and things.

With this blog we hope to share innovations, ignite learning, and inspire you to do the same.  Thanks for joining us on this journey.  Please feel free to comment, link up to your own innovative posts, or tweet about the awesome work you are doing in your classes using the hashtag #innovateigniteinspire.


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