Try It! Tomorrow: It’s Monday, what are you reading?

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Try It! Tomorrow is a new series of posts that we’re launching on the blog. The idea behind the Try It! series is that it’s EASY. Think: quick read, minimal prep and an immediate #Eduwin for students! Tune in as we share new tools or reimagine how to use familiar tools to amplify student thinking. 

It’s Monday: What are you reading?

A number of years ago, I saw people tweeting about, “It’s Monday, what are you reading?” I quickly realized that transferring this question to my students was a perfect way to start the week. Over the years we answered this question in many formats as students blogged, tweeted and backchanneled about their reading lives nearly every Monday across the the school year.

As this practice endures, recently I’ve been using the website as a small group activity to for students to post what they are reading each Monday. Padlet is a digital bulletin board that invites student interaction by simply double clicking on the wall to leave a post. Each week students share a #BookSelfie of their “right now” book and tell a little bit about the title they are reading.

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This Padlet reading wall serves as my status of class at the start of the week; quickly, I can view it to keep abreast of what my students are reading. It invites students to summarize and synthesize their current book and provides a platform to discuss their reading lives. When we embed this wall on a classroom website, students use the Padlet to obtain new book reviews. We layer interaction as students use the Padlet to write, read, and study images to gain information about the titles shared by their peers. Frequent posts and multiple recommendations for titles create what Donalyn Miller refers to as a “book buzz” as students celebrate, recommend and inspire their friends to read the books they love.

So as we gear up for the last Monday of 2014, see if you can find a way to incorporate Padlet into your day and ask your students, “What are you reading?”

It’s fun. It’s easy. You should Try It! Tomorrow.

9 thoughts on “Try It! Tomorrow: It’s Monday, what are you reading?”

  1. Kristen,
    I Just LOVED using Padlet…we had an emergency so we had to leave our building (yesterday/crazy flood)but we did it today…can’t wait to do next week…
    next week I will put you in a Tweet hashtag(too difficult to figure out this week/newbie to Twitter hashtag) here is our K version of books we look foward to hearing /reading
    Thanks for the idea…love your blog and can’t wait to read your book Melissa


    1. Melissa this so fabulous to see! Power to the little people, I say! That’s a great thing about Padlet–it works for all ages. Thanks for sharing! I hope to feature an image of your padlet in an upcoming post.


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